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Loom Rentals/Friends of the Weaving Center

A loom threaded with colorful warp threads

Loom Rentals

Looms are available at the Weaving Center for those interested in creating their own projects.

Fee: $350 per month (or prorated to $20 a day for those renting a loom for less than a month.)

A non-refundable processing fee of $25 (applicable to the rental fee) is required to reserve a loom,


Experienced weavers are available to provide consultation on projects. Fee: $25 per hour.

Friends of the Weaving Center

Those not interested in renting a loom can become a “Friend of the Weaving Center” and have access to the extensive library, equipment (including warping mills, fringe twisters, and cutting boards), and a community of weavers. Fee: $250 per year.

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