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The Arts

Two women sitting in upholstered chairs surrounded by various paintings and drawings displayed on easels.
Sisters Rosamond Blanchet and Catherine Vincie enjoying the sisters’ most recent art show

Art As Expression of the Human Spirit Sharing in God’s Creation

We joyfully engage in the arts, including music, art conservation, weaving, and pottery, and view these mediums as expressions of the human spirit sharing in God’s creation. Our expression through art unites humanity and the Divine.

Two sisters, one seated and the other standing, working on a purple weaving on a loom
Sister Margarita Cardenas with Sister Bianca Haglich work on a project in the Weaving Center

“I see art as a reflection of the creative activity of God. At The Weaving Center, we learn the many steps entailed in the process, as well as patience with our time-consuming craft, and the ability to accept ourselves and our creations. The Weaving Center is also a place of community where we support and learn from one another.”

Bianca Haglich, RSHM, Founder of The Weaving Center

“For me, sung worship is the ideal form of corporate prayer, and I know from my own experience and from that of others that music expresses more of our prayer than mere words could ever do alone.”

Catherine Vincie, RSHM, Liturgical Musician
Seated students with cellos and violins preparing to play to seated sisters in chapel.
Sisters enjoy a concert performed by local school children

“The arts are part of our human, cultural heritage and are among the essential ways that humans express the realities of life and communicate with one another. My ministry is the conservation of works of art on paper – watercolors, pastels, prints, drawings in all media, and documents. It has been highly satisfying for me to provide a service that extends the life of a given work of art, thereby contributing to a rich legacy that can be enjoyed by all.”

Edith A. Hart, RSHM, Art Conservation and Paper Conservator