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Eight boys and girls on a playground jungle gym, with seven hanging from the bars, and one boy on the ladder

The RSHM LIFE Center opened its doors in June of 1995 with the goal of responding to the needs of women and children living in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown and to create a culture that nurtures human development.

boy wearing mask under desk that has I Love Life Center spelled out in blocks.

A handful of young, immigrant women and children drifted in to see what was inside. The LIFE Center soon became known as a safe place where they could relax, make friends, and talk freely about the challenges they and their families faced adjusting to a new country and culture.

From that humble beginning, a dynamic community center evolved. Today, the LIFE Center delivers a wide variety of programs to the immigrant community and beyond, serving toddlers to seniors. With the belief that Learning Is For Everyone (LIFE), we strive to empower and inspire all who come through our doors.



Visit the LIFE Center’s website for more info, news, and more.

Classes & programs

We focus on the learning needs of the entire family, from toddlers to adults. Classes and programs include:

  • Learning Labs: targeted after-school academic help for students in grade 1-5.
  • Parents and Tots: helping prepare 3–4-year-olds for pre-K.
  • Smarty Saturdays: fun, educational monthly day trips for grades 3-5.
  • Friday Night Fever Club: for grades 6-9, with an emphasis on service projects and developing decision-making and communications skills.
  • Summer Fun: five-week day-camp for kids between grades K-5.
  • ESL for Adults
  • Immigration Legal Services: providing affordable, reliable legal services for low-income individuals and families, including assistance with green cards, naturalization, and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

The LIFE Center fosters a sense of community, uniting neighbor with neighbor, and providing opportunities for connection, education, enrichment, and empowerment.