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“The aims of a Marymount education are manifold: to educate the heart and mind, and to provide for each student’s total growth, intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically.”

Mother Marie Joseph Butler, RSHM
Sister Brigid Murphy standing in back against brightly decorated wall with students family tree posters, and 10 boys and girls, approximately 8-10 years old, standing in front, holding notebooks open showing their writing and artwork.

Since 1907, we have operated schools and colleges in the United States, as well as international schools in Europe. While many of our sisters are no longer actively involved in schools as teachers and administrators, the RSHM mission and charism is alive and well not only in the schools run and operated through the Global Network of RSHM Schools, but also in the colleges and universities founded by the RSHM, many of which still include RSHM sisters on their Boards of Trustees. 

We also fulfill our ministry of education through a variety of additional educational services such as English as a Second Language, computer instruction for adults, and homework help for children through our other supported ministries including the RSHM LIFE Center and Centro Corazon de Maria.

Global Network of RSHM Schools

The Global Network of RSHM Schools was created to ensure seamless integration of the RSHM mission and charism within each school founded by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary. Today, nineteen of our schools in eight countries around the world are part of the Global Network of RSHM Schools.

Six people seated at square table. Two women facing the camera look engaged in table discussion
Table talk session at a Global Network of Schools meeting

The Eastern American Area is actively involved with five of the Network Schools:

young girl in red jacket reading program announcing Blessing and Inauguration of the Living Classroom
In March 2022, Marymount Paris inaugurated its Living Classroom in the spacious gardens of the school. Outdoor learning will help strengthen students’ connection to the natural world and foster their stewardship of the environment.

Goals of the Global Network of RSHM Schools

  • To foster a personal relationship with God
  • To create unity through diversity
  • To instill a lifelong love of learning
  • To encourage and affirm personal growth
  • To awaken a consciousness of social justice
  • To fulfill the RSHM mission “That all may have life and have it to the full.”

The RSHM Mission and charism also continue at: