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We Are Grateful

by Mary Ann VanceCategory: Updates

Notes of Gratitude to the RSHM

two women, seated, looking at camera, one in gray with a pink scarf, the other in bright blue

I was blessed to attend Mother Butler Memorial (MBM) from 1962 thru 1966. The class of ‘66 was the best collection of young women (my opinion) ever to graduate from MBM. At that time, we addressed the sisters as “mother”. It turned out that name was most appropriate considering the love and guidance we received. I was in the marching band (never did I buy a bagel or soft drink) and played the trumpet. We actually won first place at the St, Patrick’s day parade in our senior year. 

Why? Because we were dragged to the cold, damp, and drafty Kingsbridge armory to practice over and over. Lesson learned – practice makes perfect. Through those four years, the sisters encouraged us to be strong women. We learned to respect ourselves and keep God close. 

Senior year gave us the privilege of learning from Mother Johanna. She treated us as if we were college students. She taught us about other religions. Attending Catholic schools all my life was my first exposure to other religions. As a result of the confidence and thirst for knowledge, I gained from the good sisters I first became an accountant. Then I went back to school to become a school psychologist. Then I earned a doctorate in higher education administration. I am currently pursuing another doctorate in developmental psychology so I can help the elderly.

I have attended Bible study classes. I taught Catechism classes for three years until the pandemic. I volunteered with a family-based group that deals with cognitively challenged persons. I just moved to Florida and I am currently trying to find a good fit to use my talents. 

Without the encouragement, example, and love of the sisters, none of my accomplishments would have been possible. 

Peace and love. Mary Ann Vance

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