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Reflection for the First Sunday of Lent

by Gerry McGinn, RSHMCategory: Updates

As We Begin Our Lenten Journey

wooden box with rosary beads and crucifix hanging over edge onto purple cloth wtih some ashes

Lent is one of my favorite times of the year. It is such a sacred time, full of invitations to truly believe that I am a beloved daughter. I am so, not in my own right, but because of who I belong to, and what He did to prove that infinite Love for me.

My personal assurance of that love is my daily journey into praying the Way of the Cross. One night, about three years ago, in a dream, I had a profound experience of accompanying Jesus on His Way of the Cross.  It has affected a lasting daily devotion to this saving, sacred journey.

In reflecting on the readings for the First Lenten Sunday, I asked myself the following questions.

From Deuteronomy: “He brought us out of Egypt with His strong hand and outstretched arm.” What Egypt do I need the Lord’s Grace to emerge from?

From Romans: “The Word (Jesus) is within you.” How can I delve into deeper intimacy and presence to the Divine Indwelling, during this time of transformation?

From Luke: “Jesus was led by the Spirit.” How can I join Jesus in being led by the Spirit, into the depths of my own weaknesses and temptations, and truly rely on His power, to emerge stronger in my relationship with the Triune God?

And so this Lent, I hope to:

L – Listen deeply to the Voice of the Lord.

E – Experience His Personal Love for me, more deeply.

N – Name the Blessings of this stage in my life.

T – Travel the Way of the Cross, in thanksgiving and love.

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