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A prayer for Thanksgiving grace

by Kathleen Cummins, RSHMCategory: Updates

This interactive prayer allows you to create a beautiful centerpiece as you recite it. You will need a clear glass vase or bowl, an orange, an apple, lemon, cherry, lettuce leaf, a pitcher of water, and 3 floating candles.

Thanksgiving Grace

A vase of water containing a variety of fruits and vegetables and three floating candles that are lit.

We now place ourselves in the presence of God by making the sign of the cross.

We thank you God for the fruits of the earth. (place orange in vase/bowl)

We thank you God for the trees that produced the apples that keep us healthy. (place apple in vase/bowl)

For the times on the beach with a relaxing drink. (place lemon in vase/bowl)

For the vitamins that sustain our good health. (place lettuce leaf in vase/bowl)

The planet Earth which nourishes the growth of trees. (place cherry in vase/bowl)

We thank you God for the sacrament of Baptism, the water that cleansed us, the candles that invite us to be the light of the world. Amen (pour water into vase/bowl 1 1/2” from the top, and place the 3 floating candles in the water)

Blessings for Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving!

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