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News From Our Novitiate

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Two young African women in skirts and jackets holding certificates
Siteria and Vimbai

In keeping with our focus on the Laudato Si Goals, two of our novices, Siteria and Vimbai, Sister Margaret Masarakufa, and some of our workers spent a week together at Kasisi Center studying ways to conserve the earth’s resources and learning to grow productive crops without the use of chemicals. One of the topics covered was the use of natural plants as fertilizers and pest control in the cultivation of vegetables.

laudato si graphic - 7 goals arranged like flower petals

This course is part of the RSHM’s sustainability efforts in the region. In addition to learning tips about growing crops, participants continued to learn more about the different Laudato Si goals. Vimbai and Siteria will share their newfound knowledge with the rest of the novitiate upon their return.

“Truly, the earth has yielded its fruit. God our God has blessed us.” …..with bags and bags of ground nuts (peanuts) and bags and bags of maize.   Removing the maize from the husks is a relaxing and productive afternoon activity for all of us. This maize will help feed our young people in the new St. Christopher’s Skills Centre in Choma as well as the rest of us for the coming year. 

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