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Final Report from the EILC Meeting

by RSHM Eastern American AreaCategory: Updates

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During the last two days of the EILC meeting, the members reflected on their next steps. With Sister Brid facilitating the process, the members were able to come to a consensus and prioritize the outcomes of their days together. The process included reflection on the input and conversations that took place over the last 8 days, as well as dialogue in small groups, identifying and agreeing on specific areas to address, and crafting a document that would convey the same message and be understood across Institute cultures. The writing of the final document was delegated to a small group. They presented their work to the EILC on Thursday and with minor changes, the outcomes and commitments were accepted unanimously by the EILC.

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It was acknowledged that the meeting was not just about the work to be accomplished but about the experience of being together. It was a time of deep learning and understanding of one another’s lived realities and of strengthening relationships among members of the EILC, as well as a time of shared hopes, dreams, wisdom, insight, and practical exchange. The members of the EILC likened their experience to that of the Synodal Process, a journey of profound listening, walking together in communion, participation, and mission. The members were energized by their encounters,
and grateful for the opportunity to renew old friendships and welcome new ones. They experienced the invitation to reimagine leadership as particularly relevant at this time in our history and the call to prophetic hope. The spirit of unity and the desire to walk forward together was strong and palpable. The EILC members certainly embraced the theme of listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and left the meeting ready and willing to press ahead to what awaits them.

Sister Roz, sitting at 6 foot table with acqua tablecloth and fall leaves

As the meeting concluded, the ILT thanked Sisters Roz, Catherine, and Susan for their gracious welcome and all they did to provide for what was needed in hosting this first in-person meeting of the Institute Leaders since the 2019 General Chapter. They also thanked Sisters Mary Genino, Margaret Hoyne, and Joanne Safian for their assistance with communications, secretarial duties, and technology. The entire EILC expressed their gratitude to Sister Brid for her excellent facilitation skills. With grace and patience, she gently and firmly guided them through these days, lending her
keen insight to bring clarity of purpose and calling forth the best wisdom in each one. They also thanked Sisters Margaret, Paré, Ana Luisa, Sipiwe, Monica and Rosario for all that they did to prepare for the meeting and in furthering the agenda.

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The EILC thanks Sister Feliciana Suli for her virtual presence at the meeting. Feliciana shared with
Isabel Grangeon the presentation of the IFC report.

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At lunch on Thursday, the EILC thanked George, Cormaria’s cook and friend, for the delicious meals he served and the variety of menus he prepared. A special thank you was offered to Sisters Ann Marino, Martina Crowley, and Scholastica Gonzalez who thoughtfully accommodated our every need and concern. Their personal attentiveness and kindness made each one feel at home.

Highlights of the meeting for members of the EILC included the beautiful environment, time to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of creation, the prayers and liturgies, moments of informal encounter, the transparency in small and large group sharing, the opportunity to be a part of a peer group and to meet a new generation of RSHM leaders, and the warm and gracious hospitality of the sisters from the Eastern American Area.

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