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The Burning Bush – Symbol for the Season of Creation

by Edith Hart, RSHMCategory: Updates1 Comment

The logo chosen this year to celebrate the Season on Creation, 2022, is the Burning Bush from the story told in Exodus 3:1-12 of Moses being alone in prayer, being startled by the sight of a burning bush and God’s voice out of the bush telling Moses to take off his shoes…YOU ARE ON HOLY GROUND.

The logo for this year’s celebration is a burning bush covering the world. Yes, God created a world of holy ground, but our world is in crisis because we have not treated it as holy ground! We are invited during these days of our celebration of the Season of Creation to pray in gratitude for creation, to take actions to correct our behaviors that cause our creation harm, and to advocate for changes to correct abuses to our world.

A colorful "burning bush" covered in red, orange, and yellow ribbon, placed in front of the altar in the chapel.

I was asked to make a burning bush for our prayers and celebrations during this Season of Creation, starting on Sept. 1 – Oct. 4th, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. As usual, I wandered around wondering and thinking and then I took myself to our local Home Goods store and discovered a tree, perfect in size and shape. Next, I went into the Party Store and discovered the paper flames! The joy was seeing it come together as a burning bush, especially after inviting Catherine Deubel, RSHM, to look at it and make some suggestions.

Our Burning Bush will remain in the chapel all during our Season of Creation days as we earnestly pray for the healing of our world and for all those who are suffering the most from climate change and for JUSTICE and PEACE!

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    Congrats Sister Ann and Cormaria. I went to 6 retreats with MT#44. Look forward to coming again to Cormaria. The hospitality and food was Great. Always think of Cormaria and Sister Ann will always be in my heart as I have been in Oregon since June 2018.

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