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Listen to the Voice of Creation

by Kathleen Kanet, RSHMCategory: Updates

Today September 1is the beginning of the Season of Creation.  The theme this year is “Listening to the Voice of Creation.”

I believe that most of us in our world wake up in the morning with the hope to pursue life. This pursuit grows more challenging as we witness news of war and now witnessing the growing devastation of the Earth and people by the horror of climate change.

Pope Francis calls our Earth the Cathedral of Creation…and in a beautiful way asks us to reverence it as such! His plea to us is again both challenging and hopeful.

This is a spiritual quest we are on to save our Earth and ourselves and who will or may come after. I share this missive by Pope Francis because it gives me hope that we may do so. While this letter may seem long, it is amazing to me how comprehensive and inspiring it is to the challenge we all face.

I hope you read it and are inspired to participate in actions to consider how we can think of our Earth as a Cathedral.

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