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Reflection for the Third Sunday of Lent

by Anna Maria Lionetti, RSHMCategory: Updates

God’s Love and Mercy

cross wrapped with purple ribbon and palm frond on purple background

The readings for the Third Sunday in Lent call us to listen to God’s words of love and compassion in the midst of our everyday reality.  We are called to be on the journey and are often jarred on this journey by the seemingly impossible events that we witness or live.  Moses is called by God to draw closer to the burning bush and he experiences something greater than he ever imagined.  He encountered God, came face to face with God and felt the urgency to do so.  I cannot help but place the words that God speaks to Moses in the burning bush in the  context of  our brothers and sisters of Ukraine at this time:  “I have witnessed the affliction of my people …. and have heard their cry … against their slave drivers … and know well what they are suffering.”  Exodus 3: 7-8  God is compassion for his beloved people, a people of the covenant which is forever.

In Psalm 103, the psalmist pleads with God for kindness and mercy towards all who are the victims of violence, injustice, illness and hatred.  Can we make this plea to God ours?

Luke in the Gospel turns our attention to the parable of the fig tree and offers us a sign of hope.  We are given this Lenten journey to listen to the Word, draw closer to God through our quiet listening, and at the same time commit ourselves to see the possibilities of growth and transformation to know that all things are possible to those who believe and turn to God in those events that may seem impossible.

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