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We Are Grateful

by SHM Extended FamilyCategory: Updates

Notes of Gratitude to the RSHM

Dearest Sisters,

two older women standing facing each other, one in vb

It is difficult to express the deep gratitude we have for the RSHM and the everlasting effect you have had on our lives.  You taught us to believe in ourselves and to explore and follow our dreams. Most of all, you instilled in us a deep understanding and love of Jesus and Our blessed Mother. These teachings have remained with us throughout our lifetime. 

Fifty-six years later we are still saying three Hail Mary’s before bed, just as Sister Mary Bloomingdale (our Mother Ricardo) taught us. Fifty -six years later we know we can turn to Sister Francisca Grace, (our Mother Francisca) to ask for prayers for our classmates and families in time of need. Even though many of our RSHM teachers have passed they remain in ourhearts forever.  We cherish these memories. 

These blessings continue as we have the opportunity to grow in our faith through the sisters in Marymount Convent, Tarrytown and the retreats at Cormaria.

 May we continue to grow together in faith and friendship.  Thank you, dear Sisters.

Adrienne and Eileen MBM Class of ‘66

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