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Extended Family Retreat at Cormaria

by Clare HornCategory: Updates

The SHM Extended Family sponsored a women’s retreat at Cormaria this past weekend.

On Friday evening we celebrated the Anniversary of Père Gailhac’s birth and shared information on the founder’s charism and the mission of the RSHM. We remembered Mary Heyser and her leadership and guidance for the EF. The theme of the weekend was the Beatitudes. Highlights of the weekend included Friday night’s welcome and sharing of the retreatants, Ann’s talks, meditation, T’ai Chi and the presentations on the Beatitudes. One retreatant left us with these Words of Wisdom, “If your friend says you will really enjoy this new experience, jump in with both feet.” We were pleased to have many new people join us.

Presenters on the Beatitudes: Sr. Maureen Vellon (at podium) and left to right: Nancy Fox, Gerty Murphy, and Mary Foley.
From Centro Corazon de Maria, Left to right: Pat McKee, Board member; Sue Shaughnessy, volunteer, and Diane Hayes, Board member

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