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News from Annunciation House, El Paso TX

by RSHM Eastern American AreaCategory: Updates

A woman sits at a desk writing on small slips of paper.
Mary L. registering refugees

The first day for Mary Lang, RSHM, Clare Horn and Mary Heyser, RSHM began on Sunday, May 12th by welcoming 100 new refugees who come every day around 2:00 PM from the detention center. They are usually fed, registered and assigned a room for the night. Most who come leave within 1-2 days. Mary L. knows Spanish so she helps register and call their sponsor who lives in the States and who must buy a bus or plane ticket. After tickets are confirmed we arrange transport to airport and bus terminals.

Mary H. drives to the bus terminals and airport and accompanies each one to the ticket counter to get their ticket. The airport runs are more complicated since tickets must be obtained from each airline and then the refugee must go to TSA to a special line and wait to be approved so they can go to their gate. 

A woman standing outside in front of a car with its doors open.
Mary H.

Every morning Clare and Mary L help with breakfast, then go to rooms of those leaving that day and tell them to vacate their room. They must wait in the lobby until they leave for the bus or plane so housekeeping can clean and change sheets for the next group of refugees.

We usually have two bus loads of refugees arriving each afternoon. One day we had three lunches: the first was for the refugees who were still with us, the second and third groups (100 in total) came that afternoon less than an hour apart. Each group comes in quiet and still. After they have a welcome and orientation talk by the coordinator, we begin lunch and interact with them. There are so many young mothers who are breastfeeding. We are amazed at the fathers with babies and toddlers who tend to them with such care. Our days are long. Initially we had been arriving at The Soluna Hotel at 7:00 AM and leaving at 5:00 or 6:00PM. We decided we could not continue to work those long hours. Our coordinator was fine with our starting at 8:00 AM and leaving at 4:00 P.M. We will continue with that schedule.

People load items into the back of a white hatchback. They are standing outside in front of a bright orange building.
Some of the refugees joining Mary H.

Since so many arrive sick with coughs and temps, we three are fighting colds despite all our hand washing. A doctor comes about every other day to check on the sick. One three-year-old child arrived after four days of nose bleeds and severe stomach pains so the doctor had her sent to the hospital immediately.

This is exhausting work! We are very involved in every aspect of what goes on whether making peanut and jelly sandwiches, packing food bags for their journey and serving meals at the site. We do everything and even though Mary H and Clare do not speak Spanish they have become skilled in using the ‘google translate’ app.

Looking down at the feet of someone wearing gray sweatpants and pink sneakers, tied with string.
Sneakers with substitute shoelaces

Today, we challenge you to participate in an experiment. Put on a pair of sneakers and remove the laces – not just untie them – remove them completely. Now, walk around for a while in the sneakers with no laces. Going downstairs is not so bad but coming up a flight of stairs is difficult. Every day at Annunciation House, every person we serve who has shoes that should have laces, have none. When they enter our country, Border Patrol takes their shoelaces. Shoelaces are the number one item requested by these refugees.

We three get hugs and “thank you” when the refugees leave.  They are so grateful for all the help they are receiving at the Annunciation Hospitality House. It is hard work, but a joy to be here.  Keep up the prayers for all.

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